The Day our Hero Cried – Romans 12:15

Dad's mood was somber that morning in 1966 when he sat on the couch and opened his arms for a bear hug. The four of us piled on his lap, hugging and chattering, squirming and pushing. Dad didn't seem to mind the ruckus. Lowering his head, he squeezed us extra hard. We knew Dad loved us more than anything. We didn't know … Continue reading The Day our Hero Cried – Romans 12:15

Keeping the Joy

My son and his wife and daughter from Florida are here this week, and we're filling our days with all the touches of love that we can – from siblings, aunties and uncles, great-grandparents, and more. We've played Frisbee on the beach at Florence, popped in to see old friends from church, visited family in Portland, and sat … Continue reading Keeping the Joy

Parenting Tip #6 – Get Down on Their Level

Do you remember the joy of playing with an adult who loved being with you - one who would forget about personal dignity for a little while to act like a kid with you? This is was one of my father's gifts to his children. My favorite place to hide was under our dining table. I would … Continue reading Parenting Tip #6 – Get Down on Their Level

Parenting Tip #5 – Teach God’s Ways

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to help our children avoid making the same mistakes we made? I think there are guides for accomplishing this in the Law given to Moses and in following Jesus' example. "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. … Continue reading Parenting Tip #5 – Teach God’s Ways

Parenting Tip #4 – Watch, Listen and Learn

My fourth parenting tip is simple: Watch and learn. Your little person is one of God's greatest gifts to you, so put less important things aside to become an expert on your child. Observe experienced parents I sat on a curb near a play structure at Emerald Park watching a grandma interact with her granddaughter. It fascinated me to see the child reach behind … Continue reading Parenting Tip #4 – Watch, Listen and Learn