About Kathy

I love living in the moment in my adventure with God, including writing from my home in the Willamette Valley where, I’ve been told, the only time thousands have ever come to Oregon to see the sun was during the total solar eclipse. It’s a good thing I like rain!

I’m a contributing author of Jesus Talked to Me Today: Stories of Children’s Encounters with Angels, Miracles, and God, by James Stuart Bell. My story, “Jesus in My Pocket,” tells how I learned the value of making Jesus my best friend instead of the tiny doll I hid in my desk. I also write devotions for Pathways which is published quarterly by Warner Press.

I embrace my passion for following Jesus by loving Jerry, my husband of 40 years, and our four children and their families. I’ve also invested my life in serving my community by running a home-based childcare business, volunteering in schools, working in building maintenance, leading children’s and worship ministries, home schooling, foster parenting, editing and proofreading manuscripts, transcribing and filing health records for medical clinics, all of which add amazing elements to my life story.

Here’s more fascinating stuff

  • On my drawing board is a historical fiction story about a WWII soldier with shell-shock (PTSD) and the woman who works through her own heartbreaks in order to give him a chance at winning her heart.
  • There’s also a memoir taking shape in my computer.
  • I offer critique and editing support for authors and other writers.
  • For Oregon Christian Writers I look for ways to serve at three one-day writing conferences and a four-day coaching conference every year.
  • I provide admin support for my husband’s knife making business.
  • My favorite activities involve family gatherings around the fire pit, playing on the floor with the little ones, exploring Oregon, managing base camp while my husband hunts, watching old movies and documentaries with my favorite guy, and after all that, reading.
taken by our granddaughter Alyssa

Photo by Alyssa Davis

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2 thoughts on “About Kathy

  1. “Twas nice to meet you at the Books & Such blog, Kathy, and thank you for your kind words about my blog. I popped over here to know you better and discovered that we’re kindred spirits in parenting other people’s children. My hubby and I were houseparents early on in our marriage (17 boys total, no more than 11 at a time). Later we added brothers to our family (ages 5 & 8 when they came to us), first as foster children, later adopted. I also work in health care, We’re on opposite sides of the country, but overlap in so many ways.

    Pleased to make your acquaintance!


    • It’s nice to meet you too, Shirley. Wouldn’t it be amazing if our paths crossed one day? We’d certainly have a lot of stories to share. My husband isn’t much of a traveler, so we usually don’t find occasion to leave Oregon unless it’s to hug the grandchildren who live in Florida.


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