Never Forget Wisdom – Proverbs 3

This might sound like an infomercial, but guess the answer to this anyway.  What brings blessing, more profit than silver, better returns than gold, is more precious than rubies and comes with long life, riches, honor, pleasant ways and peaceful paths?

Wisdom. And understanding. Proverbs 3:13-18 NIV.

I love Proverbs 3. It’s one of my favorites. The chapter starts with “My son, never forget…” In verses 7 and 8 I am told one thing to “never forget” is if I trust him with all my heart, not leaning on my understanding but acknowledging him in all my ways, he will make my paths straight.

To help me “never forget,” I’ll zero in on the verse that captures my attention and read it through a few times. Then I get out my journal and copy it word for word, forcing my busy brain to slow down and savor what I’m learning. It’s like chewing a delicious meal slowly, trying to discern the different seasonings. Sure enough, I often find a thought or word-for-the-day that was just what I needed to hear. Other times it gets stored inside me to give me unseen benefits.

As you read through this chapter, what verses catch your eye–or your heart?

by Kathy Sheldon Davis

2 thoughts on “Never Forget Wisdom – Proverbs 3

  1. Many years ago (many) when I decided to make Proverbs part of my dailey reading, I would ask the LORD to show me what I needed for the day and a verse or two would pop up. Aand at the end of the day I’d read it again and those verses was showing up in my day. More often than not I had failed, day after day this was going on and years later I was seeing I wasn’t making those same mistakes. Most of the time it was my mouth. So even in failure, He was merciful and I was able to move on and try one more time. Now I have different challenges that still show me my flesh is weak, but that has not stopped me moving forward. I’m not saying I’m righteous; “though I righteous man falls seven times, he shall araise.”
    Thx for the Pros Kathy 🙂


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