Night of the Living Dead Christian – a Book Review

I don’t like vampires and werewolves, and I usually have no interest in such stories, but author Matt Mikalatos tells a remarkable outside-the-box monster tale that was well worth my time in “Night of the Living Dead Christian.”

Are you in for a challenge?


I appreciated Mikalatos’ previous book, “Imaginary Jesus,” and still refer to it in day to day discussions. The story invites me to examine my understanding of who Jesus is and consider how I may have re-made him into something entirely different. The author’s creativity runs amok in his story telling, but he keeps delivering truth. Amazing.

A Relevant Magazine review of “Imaginary Jesus” states, “Think Monty Python meets C. S. Lewis. . . . Rarely does a book slide so easily from the laugh-out-loud moments to the tender-yet-challenging moments.”

Uncomfortable is OK, for now

Maybe one reason I don’t like monster stories mixed with faith, like “Night of the Living Dead Christian,” is because I don’t want there to be dark things lurking about. I’m forgiven and cleansed, yes. But it’s still a struggle every day to keep my thoughts focused on what’s good and my tongue from misbehaving.

This book confronts the things that “go bump in the night,” the very things we’d like to keep hidden but had better not.

That’s so good for me.

by Kathy Sheldon Davis