Marriage, Knives and Laughter

I was stressed and anxious this past weekend, because instead of one deadline, I had two. And instead of spending Friday meeting those deadlines, my husband was tugging on my heartstrings to spend the day with him at the Oregon Knife Collectors Show.

JD KD Knife show 4-2015

A stranger stopped by to snap this picture.

Jerry didn’t know I wanted to spend the day writing. My plan was to pop in at the show to share lunch with him, then get back home to work.

Selling knives

When I stepped behind his table and he welcomed me with a squeeze, I knew I should stay. And while he chatted with potential customers, I rearranged some of his knives, wrote SOLD on three of the photos, and watched him. There weren’t many breaks when he could take a bite of his sandwich, but he was having a blast!

Several times he turned to me to tell me how happy he was that I was there. I felt some of my stress shrinking as I made the choice to re-evaluate my work priorities in the next few days.

KD axe knife show 4-2015

This ax is a homesteader’s tool.

Time to enjoy my husband’s joy

“Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. Live in harmony with one another” (Romans 12:15-16a NIV).

It turned out to be time well spent, because we had a great time making new friends, negotiating prices and encouraging other knife makers. Once home, Jerry busted up laughing. Not 20 minutes later it happened again. His joy was spilling out, and we delighted ourselves recounting our experiences late into the evening.

The deadline was still there, but my happy heart put it in its place; not dominating me, but quietly waiting its turn for my attention.

by Kathy Sheldon Davis