The Power of God’s Words – Psalm 12

How important is God’s word?  I like simple answers best. From Genesis 1 we read he spoke, and it came to be. His words have the power to create fireballs in the sky and cause microorganisms to swim. Minerals and elements, which he spoke into existence, come alive. In the book of John we learn of the sacrifice of the Son of God, and it’s mind-boggling. God became flesh. Utterly amazing.

Therefore, I think it’s very important to listen to what he says. Don’t you think so?

“And the words of the Lord are flawless, like silver refined in a furnace of clay, purified seven times (Psalm 12:6 NIV).

My preferred Bible version, the older New International Version, is no longer available to me online, so I’m in the process of choosing a new one. This is one reason I’ve lagged behind in posting my little Bible studies. (The other reason is that we’re parenting a teenager.)

The nugget of truth here is that “the words of the Lord are flawless.” Five other versions I checked out translate flawless as pure. My understanding may have flaws, but his words are pure. And he who speaks planets into orbit can help me comprehend what he’s saying to me. Praise the Lord.

by Kathy Sheldon Davis

By Kathy Sheldon Davis

Kathy Sheldon Davis, contributing author of the books "Jesus Talked to Me Today" and "Seeking His Presence," and a finalist for the Oregon Christian Writers Cascade award, lives with her husband, Jerry, in Junction City, Oregon. Kathy enjoys mentoring and editing for other writers, making strangers into friends, and celebrating holidays with her extended family. She has also written for Warner Press since 2016 and posts devotions on her blog at .


  1. Dear Servant of God, indeed it has been my pesanorl experience which is mentioned in today’s memory verse, as Paul says Iam like this just because of God’s grace& safeguaring. Thank you for again helping me to recall the things once gain God has done for me so far and to re-submit to God unconditionally again.

  2. Praise God. This Verse has touched my heart knionwg that Lord is watching me and He is taking care of me .. Just imagin The Lord GOD taking care of us even though we are sinners doing many mistakes and still He is Present with us with His Holy Presence, is just so wonderful ..Beautiful VERSE . THANK YOU SO MUCH AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOR GOD IS SPEAKING TO ALL THROUGH ALL OF YOU

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