A Song in the Key of Sorrow – Psalm 6

Psalm 6 is a song of sorrow that has got me thinking of people I know who are suffering with sickness or grief. One is a father and grandfather who is lamenting the loss of his bride. Another is undergoing gut-wrenching treatment to hang on to his health. This psalm hits the mark for putting my deepest woes into words I might not otherwise have. How I’d love to hear the music that accompanies these lyrics.

“I am worn out from groaning; all night long I flood my bed with weeping and drench my couch with tears” (Psalm 6:6 NIV).

There are no quick fixes offered here. Hands are raised in surrender, and if they’re too weary the heart itself reaches out for mercy.

“Be merciful to me, Lord, for I am faint; O Lord, heal me, for my bones are in agony. My soul is in anguish. How long, O Lord, how long? Turn, O Lord, and deliver me; save me because of your unfailing love” (Psalm 6:2-4 NIV).

The lyricist doesn’t list his attributes or good deeds. He doesn’t remind God of his promises or past blessings. He simply states “…save me because of your unfailing love.”

Save me, God, because your love never fails.

by Kathy Sheldon Davis



By Kathy Sheldon Davis

Kathy Sheldon Davis, contributing author of the books "Jesus Talked to Me Today" and "Seeking His Presence," and a finalist for the Oregon Christian Writers Cascade award, lives with her husband, Jerry, in Junction City, Oregon. Kathy enjoys mentoring and editing for other writers, making strangers into friends, and celebrating holidays with her extended family. She has also written for Warner Press since 2016 and posts devotions on her blog at kathysheldondavis.com .

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