Hunting for Treasure

Rock hunting outings were a family event for us when we were children, with Dad showing us how to search for the colorful, the crystalized, and the striated treasures on the ground’s surface. Our favorites were the agates we’d hold up to the sun to see how much light could get through, and the humble thunderegg that looked rough and unremarkable on the outside but held intricate formations of jasper, agate, or opal formations inside.

We don’t have to mine deep into the earth’s surface to find treasure. Sometimes it’s sitting on the ground at our feet. We may only need to keep our eyes open, kick stuff around a little, pick it up, turn it over, put it in our pocket to study later, and invest some time in taking a look into its heart to find something amazing.

This is how I approach my Bible reading. If I’m not in wonder every time I open it up, at the very least I’ve gained a level of satisfaction deep in my soul. And the promise of more keeps me coming back for more.

by Kathy Sheldon Davis