How to get the most out of a mini Bible study

Here are some tips for following my mini Bible study. I use these to get the greatest benefit from my personal Bible study.

1. Read the whole portion. Read it carefully, word for word. It may help to pray before you start, that God would reveal what he’d like you to hear from his Word. My posts usually cover an entire chapter from the Bible, but I’ll only quote snippets here.
2. Listen. Go back to the part that spoke directly to you, or that you otherwise found interesting, and try to figure out why it captured your attention. Compare what you’ve read with my remarks. You’ve probably been drawn to something that pertains to you in your present circumstances that I may not have seen.
3. Muse. Check back as you think about how it might apply to you today. Also, ask yourself questions, like “what is it NOT saying?” This will help to avoid misinterpretation or misunderstanding.

One more note: I like to keep things simple, so I won’t bog down my posts with side trails and off-topic trains. If reading the Bible is like having a meal, my mini Bible study posts are the appetizers or snacks. I’ll keep them brief and tasty, at around 200 words.

by Kathy Sheldon Davis