An Amish Garden – A Book Review

FVEnAgAAQBAJIn this collection of four novellas I particularly liked “Where Healing Blooms,” by Vanetta Chapman.

Emma Hochstetter is a widow, mother, and grandmother whose prayer is that her elderly mother-in-law will never die and leave her alone on their little farm. As she straightens herself up from weeding her garden, knees popping and shoulders aching, she spots someone exiting her barn and running off.

Of course Emma is alarmed by the trespasser. However, where I would have shrunk back with caution, Emma takes off running to try to catch him!

An excellent story of an older woman’s entry into her “next life.” It’s the same boat I’m in after a rewarding stint at managing my home-full of young children. It was encouraging to me to follow along with Emma, and be reminded that we serve a God who makes all things new.

used with permission. cgarbiano. stockxchng.
used with permission. cgarbiano. stockxchng.
Danny stops by and works in the garden beside her, and she enjoys his company. But he’d courted her many years ago and left town. Will he become more than just a helpful neighbor?

Emma had a happy marriage with Ben and enjoys her family, but instead of slowing down and cutting back on her responsibilities, will she open her heart to help others find a place of healing?

by Kathy Sheldon Davis