Piggyback Jesus Followers – John 1

A simple story, Jesus passes by some guys hanging out with John the Baptist and two of them break away and follow Jesus. Turning around, he sees them and asks,

“What do you want?” (What would I say if Jesus asked me that?)

Perhaps they were just curious about the man their teacher had identified as “the One.” Or maybe they were zealous young men looking for a way to change the world. I don’t know all they were thinking, but they answered that they wanted to know where Jesus was staying.

“Come,” he replied, “and you will see.”

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After spending the day with Jesus, Andrew found his brother Simon and brought him to Jesus. The next day Jesus invited Philip, saying, “Follow me.” Then Philip brought Nathaniel (from John 1:35-45 NIV).

You have just had your first lesson in discipleship.

To recap,
1. two guys separated themselves from the community to look for and learn about God’s chosen One.
2. they followed Jesus as soon as they recognized him.
3. they spent a few hours getting to know him.
4. they brought others to him.

I think the order of these things is worth noting. After all, how can I bring someone to Jesus if I haven’t made the effort to become acquainted with him myself?

by Kathy Sheldon Davis