Book Give-Away – Which Would You Choose?

My new Facebook writer page went live today, and to celebrate I’m hosting a book give-away. Come visit my page to get a taste of my novel-in-progress, A Cloudless Sky.

Here’s the blurb:

“When JACK REYNOLDS meets his friend’s sister, LOUISE KEEL upon returning from Europe in 1945, he impulsively kisses her. Filled with regret he fears he has destroyed any hope of winning her favor, much like the wrecked lives he felt responsible for in Italy. Struggling with depression, he yearns to leave the war’s painful memories behind and improve his relationship with Louise. But how can he justify forgetting the past and the part he played in it?

“Louise’s work for the war effort comes to an end, and she mourns the loss of her fiancé who drowned at Normandy. She is repulsed by Jack’s behavior, and she intends to only tolerate him during the 800-mile road trip to a friend’s wedding. Instead she finds a gem of a man inside his battle-torn psyche. As she considers sharing her life with him, the mother who trusted her with the care of a newborn skips town, leaving Louise feeling trapped. Unsure if Jack might abandon his pursuit of her, she considers relinquishing the child she has grown to love—and who loves her. But if Jack doesn’t come through, how could she live with the horror of losing them both?”

Leave a comment on Facebook at Kathy Sheldon Davis, Writer telling me what you appreciate about Inspirational/Christian novels (or what you don’t) and you’ll automatically be entered into the drawing for either of these two titles featuring our great Northwest. Winner will choose between Seattle Cinderella, by Gail Sattler, or Where the Trail Ends, by Melanie Dobson .

The contest ends Saturday, Aug. 31 at midnight. I’ll announce the winner Monday, Sept. 2.

by Kathy Sheldon Davis

Seattle Cindrella, SattlerWhere-the-Trail-Ends-cover-244x384

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