Packing my Bags – Oregon Christian Writers Summer Conference 2013

Wrapped up and tied with a bow, today I finished the first draft of my historical romance set in 1945 as WWII is ending and a returning soldier abruptly plants a kiss on the first girl he meets.  She is seriously not impressed, but I’m hoping to impress, without kissing, of course, one of the editors, agents, critiquers or mentors that will be at the OCW Summer Conference in two days. If you’d like to check it out, there’s still time: OCW Summer Conference to join us.

With no forewarning I took the past two weeks off from posting my mini Bible studies. My parents and siblings enjoyed an unexpected trip to Texas to gather in remembrance of a dear aunt who passed away. A difficult, precious, sad and joyful time.

I’ll be resuming the mini Bible studies in the next week or two  when I have mostly filed away the information I’ve collected at the conference. Hope I find a place for it all!

Kathy Sheldon Davis

By Kathy Sheldon Davis

Kathy Sheldon Davis, contributing author of Jesus Talked to Me Today and a finalist for the Oregon Christian Writers Cascade award, lives with her husband, Jerry, in Oregon's fertile Willamette Valley. Kathy enjoys mentoring and editing for other writers, making strangers into friends, and celebrating holidays with her extended family. She has written for Pathways—Moments with God since 2016 and posts devotionals on her blog at .

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