Winter in Full Bloom, by Anita Higman – Book Review

When I got my copy of Winter in Full Bloom, by Anita Higman, I didn’t know she had entered the Oregon Christian Writers first annual Cascade Contest. I was delighted when her name was called at the OCW Summer Coaching Conference two weeks ago as the winner in the Published Poetry/Gift Books category.

Winter in Full Bloom by Anita Higman
Winter in Full Bloom book cover

The story is well written featuring Lily, a grieving widow with a young daughter who tries to hold herself together under the bitter, critical eye of her elderly mother. A family secret is revealed that ignites Lily’s passion toward finding another piece of her dysfunctional family’s puzzle, stretching her faith even further. She runs into a caring soul in another country who is also struggling with family issues, and they find mutual benefit from working together.

I wondered if Lily’s might be one fractured family that could never hope to be restored–in the way we’d like all families to find unity and peace. I thoroughly enjoyed the story.

Nice writing, Ms. Higman, and congratulations for your well-deserved Cascade Award.

by Kathy Sheldon Davis