Boundaries are a Good Thing, part 2

Continued from Boundaries are a Good Thing, part 1.

As I reached down to tickle her neck and laugh with her silliness, a car sped around the corner. It screeched to narrowly avoid hitting a wayward dog loping down the middle of the road. I gripped my daughter’s hand and we watched the dog continue on his and child. bobrus. Free. stockxchng

“What would happen if the horse got out of his pasture, and a car hit him?”

Deep concern made darling little lines in her forehead. “He’d get all bloody. And he might die.”

“You’re right. And what about the people in the car?” I sought a way to explain the serious injuries that would result from a low-to-the-ground vehicle encountering a hefty animal on long legs, but before I could start, she slapped her tiny hands together.

“The people would be smashed, mama.” She gripped her hands together till her knuckles turned white. Then she released them.

I carried her back toward the fence and pointed to the hot wire. “Do you see why having a fence is so important?”

“Oh, yes.” She nodded twice with serious deliberation. “The horse might forget to stay away from the cars.”

“Sweetie, do you think God puts fences around us?”

She nodded again. “I sure hope so!”

a work of fiction by Kathy Sheldon Davis