That Dog Won’t Hunt, by Brandilyn Collins – Book Review

Brandilyn Collins

My new favorite book. No, really. That Dog Won’t Hunt is on my Favorite Books & Stuff page with an asterisk. I found it an engaging, heartbreaking, and satisfying read.

The cover photo of a Yorkie, who hates having her teeth brushed, is perfect for this book. Lady Penelope rules her doggy domain with no concerns about her place in the family, unlike Ben’s fiancée Christina. Ben’s parents, sisters, brothers-in-law— well, they don’t seem to have the right key to help Christina loosen up, be herself, and feel accepted by their family.

The good-natured Dearing family banter and teasing seems to threaten her. And Ben, thoroughly enamored with his bride-to-be, doesn’t see there’s a problem at all. He leaves to play golf with the guys.

With the strikes against her from being an only child and suffering from an abusive past, she just doesn’t fit in. Even Lady Penelope sticks her nose in the air and leaves when Christina talks to her. Defeated, Christina holes up in her bedroom apart from the family, waiting for Ben to come home.

More than any of the other characters, I related most to Ben’s mother. She wants her family close, to see them heal their hurts and enjoy each other.  Don’t we all want that? Since this is my first attempt at a book review and I’m not sure how much I should reveal, I’ll stop telling the story here.

That Dog Won’t Hunt is available as an eBook for $2.99. In print form it’s $9.69. Here’s a link to Brandilyn Collins’ website to find your copy.

by Kathy Sheldon Davis