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I’m Kathy, a contributing author of Jesus Talked to Me Today and Pathways—Moments With God, and I love writing and sharing my devotionals.

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Not only am I passionate about Bible reading and prayer, I also have a fondness for buckets. That’s because a bucket reminds me of my need for time alone with God and my thirst for his soul-replenishing words.

How does a bucket do that?

When our children were young we lived on a property with a spring that went dry from six to eight weeks every summer. We had to store water in buckets to use for cooking spaghetti, cleaning sticky fingers, and flushing toilets.

Thankfully, when our buckets were empty we didn’t have to go far to refill them. We piled the buckets and the kids into the van and headed to a friends’ house five miles away.

Once every bucket was full we took turns bathing. I never appreciated water so much as I did during those long, dry summers.

My soul thirsts for God

During those same years, while my family slept, I would tip-toe over the linoleum, slip outside and close the front door behind me. With each step away from the house I felt a lightening of my load, like rocks dropping out of a heavy backpack.

So sweet were my times alone with God that I would talk to him out loud, confident that he heard, understood and accepted me. Afterwards, I returned ready for whatever the day might bring.

But when I neglected moments like these, the stresses of life were harder to endure. I became angry more often, was less kind, and generally felt my inner peace withering like a dried leaf.

It was remarkable how missing time with God affected me, times when my bucket was near empty, down to its dregs. I was left with little for my own needs – or anyone else’s.

Keeping my bucket full

Smart cookie that I am, I soon learned to make sure my bucket never went dry. I don’t want to live on dregs. Now, before going to bed, I open my Bible and spend time in prayer, filling my mind and my soul with God and his truths.

Jesus said,

Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’”

John 7:38 ESV

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I won’t preach. Rather, I share what I have in my bucket. And I do my best to keep it full so there’s always enough.

The end of the bucket story?  After a couple summers of hauling water, we got a new well. Yea!