Notes on Reading the Bible

Why read the Bible?

The water source was sketchy in the summer during our early years of country living. When the spring went completely dry, I stacked empty laundry detergent buckets in our minivan and traveled down our gravel road to fill them from our neighbor’s well.

How I appreciated those buckets. Without them we’d have no water to cook spaghetti, wash faces, or even flush the toilets.

used with permission maciek72 .stockxchng

 maciek72 .stockxchng

On hot days I’d assign one bucket of water per child for cooling off. We have a photo of them bent over their buckets with their heads immersed. It’s pretty funny, but I don’t want to give the impression we were destitute or anything. We were living our homesteader’s dream – following our heart’s desire to live in the country and see how we’d fare.

Keeping my bucket full

As a busy wife, mother and homemaker, I prepared for the day by taking walks every morning before the kids got up. Spending quiet time alone with God somehow filled my heart’s bucket, and I felt its benefit throughout the day.

Though it required rising early to tiptoe out the door while the children slept, the rewards were worth it. Just like it was nearly unbearable living without running water, trying to function with an empty heart-bucket was no fun, either. Having a full heart meant I was able to keep my focus on what really mattered, and as the day wore on I was less likely to lose my peace or get cranky.

Another sweet benefit was how there always seemed to be enough of whatever I needed (grace, patience, wisdom, peace, etc.). My resources were well supplied so I could share the contents of my bucket with others.

Smart cookie that I am, I soon learned to never let my bucket go completely dry. I didn’t like the woman I became when that happened.

What I’m offering you

I write because I love sharing what’s in my bucket. I’d like for everyone to experience times of refreshing and renewing, providing sustenance we need for the road.

How to read my posts

My posts are usually a quick read, an investment of a few minutes that can help fill and bring new perspective. You might follow the link from Facebook during your break at work or while waiting for your next appointment. The simplest way is to subscribe so these posts will arrive in your inbox. Just look for the button in the side bar.

Where I’m headed

I like to keep things simple, so I won’t bog down my posts with ramblings and side trails. If reading the Bible is like eating a meal, I offer appetizers. I want to keep them brief and tasty, between 300 and 500 words, with the aim my readers will desire the full-meal-deal and feast from this most amazing book on their own.

Kathy’s quick tips for Bible reading

  • Read. Look it over carefully, word for word. It may help to pray before you start, asking God to reveal what he’d like to show you.
  • Listen. Go back to the part that spoke directly to you, or that you otherwise found interesting, and try to figure out why it captured your attention.
  • Meditate. Consider how the words might apply to you today. Also, ask yourself questions, like “what is this scripture NOT saying?” This will help avoid misinterpretation or misunderstanding.

If you’re interested and it’s still available, here’s a link to a video tutorial from Anne Graham Lotz, one of Billy Graham’s daughters, on how to study the Bible.

2 thoughts on “Notes on Reading the Bible

  1. This is a good approach to bible study on your site. A methodical and thoughtful study, thinking about what the scriptures are saying, praying for insight AND ensuring you read them in context is the only way to find the truth. Good advice and a good website. Thank you.


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